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Completed Project

The Barber Club

The Barber Club is the brand’s first store located in Rynfield Square, Benoni.

Earth Interior Architects wanted to create a masculine look whilst still having designer elements and being minimalist to match the logo of the brand.

The store has an underlying sports theme represented by a mural of a sports player in monochrome colours at the entrance as well as boasting 3 TV’s for customers to watch the live sporting events on.

The store has textures of steel and exposed brick for the masculine industrial element whilst the wood and decor items bring a warmth and homely feel.  Barber chairs are spaced far apart to ensure the barber experience is one of full relaxation.

Clever lighting elements create points of interest like the backlit mirrors, lighting detail in the reception counter and the amazing Stephen Pikus recycled air filter pendants that hand in the shop window.

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