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Completed Project


Interior Architects designed a minimalist and elegant store for Sculpt Aesthetics Clinic, their first store, in the beautiful Cedar Square center, Fourways.

Sculpt is a chic aesthetics clinic offering state of the art treatments with the latest technology. Earth Interior Architects wanted to ensure a comfortable and elegant space for clients to enjoy their treatments.

Candice Brophy, creative director of Earth Interior Architects says “Our client wanted a clean chic space with quirky art details in key focal areas, we worked with a neutral grey and white palette and added some textures, marble and gold details to add layers to the design. We wanted the rection counter to be bold and centered with the door. Velvet upholstered furniture and sheer drapes soften the space. One of my personal favorite elements are the cast hands coming out the wall as well as the “HELLO” on the passage ceiling.”

Sculpt makes its first impression in the reception area with the focal point being the gorgeous reception counter with the “S” of Sculpt logo behind the counter literally emerging from the wall. Neutral grey and white tones paired with marble textures and touches of gold create and inviting space that speaks of sophistication. Velvet chase chairs welcome clients in the IV bar along with a glass of champagne. Plants, decorative lighting, sculptural elements and sophisticated yet comfortable furnishings fill the reception, ensuring a pleasing environment for patients to relax in prior to their appointments. Spot lit gold display shelves showcase products the clinic has on offer.

To strengthen the Sculpt brand we kept the color scheme consistent with their logo and played on the word sculpt adding literal sculptural elements to key areas in the clinic. Video’s play in the seating area while patients are waiting, showcasing their products, treatments, testimonials, and promotions. For a quiet, intimate atmosphere beautiful sheer drapes were add to the IV Bar seating, however if you come for your drip with a friend the drape can be opened so you can catch up while “getting your drip on!”

There’s no better way to create a sense of beauty and success than with well-chosen wall art, art is on the walls throughout the clinic creating focal points in both public areas as well as the treatment rooms creating an atmosphere of calm and serenity. Cast hands emerge from the wall, gold “HELLO” greets you on the passage ceiling, abstract line art wallpaper of faces create a feature wall in the bathroom and beautiful art decorates the walls of the treatment rooms.

Earth Interior Architects delivers cutting edge retail design, with top quality finishes and unique and memorable flagship experiences for our clients and their clients alike.

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