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Completed Project

Caves Toy Store

The second store for Caves toys & hobbies opened in Blueberry Square in June. Earth Interior Architects worked closely with the Caves team to re-imagine the toy stores look for this destination space.

Candice Brophy, creative director of Earth Interior Architects says “We wanted to create a fun and bright space with interesting design elements that caught both the attention of parents and children alike, we also added retail experience elements to keep customers in the store for longer such as the Lego play area, ball pit for the babies and finding all the different shapes and colored Lego elements in the floor. My personal favorite is the Lego chandelier above the sales counter”

Keeping the floor a neutral seamless screed makes the colored Lego shapes in resin shine. Making the ceiling exposed creates more volume, this was painted black so that the floating clouds really stood out as a fun design element. Shelves are white with a beautiful wood laminate to bring warmth and character to the shelves and gondolas. A tv in the back Lego wall offers a great marketing platform for the store as parents and children enjoy the Lego building pit.

Another draw card for the store is the fun family bathroom, complete with a kid size toilet and basin. Blue and yellow Perspex mobiles dance on the ceiling, with fun line drawing wallpaper decorating the walls. A mommy bear and baby bear picture hangs above each toilet adding a quirky element. The bathroom also has a changing matt and ample space to fit a pram making it every mom’s dream changing room while out and about.

Caves is a store where not only children but also their parents and guardians feel immersed in toys and a fun retail experience.

A well designed floor plan allows a gentle flow through the store with impulse buys at the till area, placing the Lego wall and building pit at the back of the store draws customers through the store allowing them to see more of what toys are on offer. The point of sale is centrally located ensuring staff can see customers with ease and offer fantastic customer service.

The colour palette is muted and calm so that the toys are the items on show adding colour and character once the store is merchandized and ensuring it does not become too busy and overwhelming.

The Lego wall with building pit is the most memorable element within the space, with its large wall of Lego, building tables and built in TV creating a real moment of wow. Followed closely by the beautiful Lego chandelier, made from thousands of individually hung Lego pieces.

Earth Interior Architects delivers cutting edge retail design, with top quality finishes and unique and memorable flagship experiences.

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